Finding Land For Your Ranch!

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The Wild West beckons one and all! Some crave to ranch and breed cattle, some want to enjoy the pristine and panoramic views and some others long to explore the trails. Some look for wide open spaces as summertime fun while others want a secluded retreat with rolling hills and stunning landscapes to escape the cramped city life.

And the Wild West coupled with adventure doesn’t get better than Colorado! There’s everything from hiking and mountaineering to snow skiing and snowmobiling to hunting and equine facilities to raising and breeding cattle.

Is Colorado the best place for a Ranch?

If you are looking to buy or put up ranches for sale in Colorado or even elsewhere, think no further than Land Unlimited’s Land Broker MLS. With the nationwide search feature, buyers gain access to all kinds of ranches ranging from hobby ranch, guest ranch, wildlife ranch, recreational hunting/fishing ranch, horse ranch and obviously cattle ranch for sale anywhere across USA. Search options are varied and buyers can specify the type of land like hunting land, equestrian property, mountain land, recreational land, fishing land or cattle ranch for sale along with other kinds of amenities as needed. There’s news about upcoming auctions as well.

It doesn’t end with just buying the property either. New ranch owners will also need the services of surveyors, insurance providers, land clearing and dirt work, farm and ranch supplies, veterinarian clinic and so on. The local business directory on the website proves to be an extremely useful resource.

Land Broker MLS was formed by a 6th generation Texas rancher to particularly empower land brokers by providing them with extensive knowledge and enabling cooperation among competing brokers so that they can give potential buyers the highest level of service. Licensed members gain marketing and advertising tools, can access the MLS data and add custom land MLS search functions to their website. They also get access to information like market data, co-brokering and commission splits, nationwide buyer alert and pertinent news updates about farm and ranch for sale. The orderly collection and distribution of listing information is especially helpful to the public at large!

Not a fan of Colorado? What about Texas?

Have you always dreamed of owning a ranch? Did the wide open spaces and stunning beauty of the Texas land on shows like Dallas leave you with a yearning to own some of your own? This may be the perfect time to find East Texas ranch land for sale. Land prices are still low here but you can be sure that they won’t stay this low for long.

As baby boomers and their next generation near retirement, many of them are choosing to relocate to the wide open spaces of Texas. The influx of industry and retirees has made Texas the fastest growing state in the country. Much of that growth is centered on the major metropolitan areas of Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin.

In the past few years, many people seeking an escape from the urban hustle and bustle have taken advantage of the lower prices for rural land to acquire their dream ranch. This past year the prices for land west of Dallas rose 15%, but the average price of ranch land for sale still remains around $ 1,000 an acre. As land prices continue to rise in other parts of the state, though, it’s inevitable that more people will look to East Texas ranch lands, and the prices will begin to rise.

What is fueling the current boom in rural land sales? There are a number of factors that contribute to the rising sales and land values in rural areas like East Texas. Lower interest rates are part of the equation, encouraging sales of all types of land and homes. But that’s only part of the impetus. Retirement planning also plays a part in the rising interest in rural East Texas ranch land.

As other investments lose their luster, people come back to basics, and the most basic investment is, and has always been, real estate. Land never goes out of fashion. Even as prices dip and fall throughout the country, investors keep looking for land bargains and they’ve found them in East Texas ranch land.

According to experts at Texas A&M, the typical buyer of East Texas ranch land these days is not looking for a working ranch. If they are buying land for personal use, they are more interested in the aesthetic and recreational appeal. They’re buying ranch land for its beauty, and for retirement and vacation homes, where the beauty of the piney woods lends itself to hiking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Ranch land for sale here offers many advantages and amenities. These include large acreages, and it’s still possible to buy ranch land here in lots of thousands of acres. This is a far cry from many more urbanized and developed areas, where it’s difficult to buy plots of land with more than a few acres. This makes ranch land here ideal for development purposes as well as for use as recreational land or as working ranches.

There are full working ranches for sale in East Texas, including horse ranches and cattle ranches, and specialty ranches. Other investment potential for ranch land here includes use of the land as grazing area for animals, water development and land for storage or use.

Unlike West Texas, which is largely dry and desert-like, East Texas is a humid, sub-tropical region and much of the ranch land for sale here is heavily forested with piney woods. A great deal of land has been cultivated for wood production and logging, which also offers strong investment potential.

Many investors see the same potential here that existed in Florida land a couple of decades ago. Those who invested in remote Florida land in the 1960s and 1970s have seen their land values increase enormously as land developers increased the desirability of owning vacation homes and resorts in Florida. East Texas is poised on the same sort of edge, with millions of acres of beautiful ranches for sale, ready and waiting for the next boom of development to increase its value.



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